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Friends Call For Greater Local Representation/Openness in Durham Health System.

Meeting with MS. Camille Orridge, advisor to Lakeridge Health on governance & Board composition, the Friends advanced the case for greater local representation and openness in Durham hospital organization.

Citing 2016 census figures showing a 9.2% population growth

in Ajax (Durham’s largest increase) as support, the Friends called for:

1.  appointment of two new members on the Lakeridge Hospital Board,

2.  appointment of one member on the Lakeridge Health Community Panel,

3. appointment of an Associate Medical Chief of Staff representing the A-P Hospital,

4. maintaining open communication.

Ms. Orridge stated that hospital organization should reflect the communities which they serve and work towards this objective in the longer term. Patient needs were to be uppermost.

It was felt that west Durham differed in its diversity from east Durham communities.

See document here

Nov. 23:

1.Minister’s Press release re hospital integration

2. Minister Hoskins Final Order for integration of Scarborough & Durham hospitals.

See here.

Comparison urged

2016 Census facts population & growth:

Ajax = 9.9% (119,677)

Pickering = 3.4% (91,771

Whitby = 5.2% (128,377)

Oshawa = 6.6% (159,458)